Ares Redemption

Green Shine - Forest Fest 2022

Ares Redemption

Ares Redemption are a Laois based rock 4 piece made up of Chloe Terrett on vocals/guitar; Jack on guitar/vocals/keys; Pravin Prajapati on bass and Alan Eakins on drums.

Formed in late 2020 by Jack, who set about recording songs he had written with the view the band would come later. The band recorded their debut single ‘The Stars will Cleanse’ and have since gone on to release 3 more singles ‘No Second Chances’, ‘Deception’ and ‘The Letter’.

Since then, Ares Redemption have been quietly recording away and have just finished recording a new 5-song EP that is due for release early 2024, with singles due out before then. The band have been bringing their unique brand of rock to festival audiences and are always looking to play. They are returning in 2023 to play Forest Fest, but also hope to add
future dates to this year’s calendar.

Their singles have been a regular feature on he Friday night rock show on radio Nova, but have also had airplay on Today FM, with Ed Smith airing ‘No Second Chances’.

Jack is the chief songwriter and tackles issues such as society, mental health, and domestic abuse in the songs. The band consider themselves a rock band, but don’t fit into any one genre comfortably, with songs ranging from heavy metal anthems such as ‘Deception’ to rock ballads such as ‘The Stars will Cleanse’ and ‘The Letter’.

All songs are available across all streaming platforms with videos to the songs available on the Ares Redemption YouTube channel. The band is present on all social media platforms, with regular updates and live clips being posted on Instagram and Facebook.

The new EP will see the band head down a more metal and grunge based road, but will still have their own twist on it, as well as having a few piano based ballads in a similar vein to ‘The Letter”.