Bell X 1 Forest Fest 2023

Asha Ari

Asha Ari, who was named as Hot For 2023 this year by Hotpress, is a singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. She is half Ghanaian, half Irish, and grew up in Blanchardstown. She has been actively performing in the Dublin music scene since her teens, and has released many singles and an EP entitled ‘Freedom’ that enabled her to perform her original song also called ‘Freedom’ with The National Symphony Orchestra and to perform on the Late Late show with Eleanor Mc Evoy, Mary black and Pauline Scanlon. Asha Ari performed on the Mainstage at Forest Fest last year and is gaining many fans in Ireland as well as London. She performed in the Grace London supporting Miles Graham and in Toulouse Lectric for Fervor Festival last year. She then went on to perform in the Irish Embassy in London for Black History month and again for St Brigid’s Day in February. She appeared on The Late Late for the Eurosong competition with Niamh Kavanagh. On March 12th she performed at The St Patrick’s Day Festival in London at Trafalgar Square which had 50000 there. Anyone who has seen Asha Ari live has said the same thing, that she has great energy and connects with the crowd.

Asha Ari’s music has been played across many different radio stations in Ireland and abroad.

On the 16th of March, Asha Ari released her first track of the year called ‘God’s Hands’ with Aziz Ozouss, which is already getting good traction in Ireland, the UK, and in Morocco. Asha Ari’s music brings people together. Her music combines elements of Pop, Soul, and R&B to create uniquely catchy and relatable songs. Her songwriting inspirations stem from growing up bi-racial, self-love, believing in yourself, spreading positivity and being true to oneself.