The Ibiza Rewind Tent

Every year, we aim to enhance Forest Fest by planting the seeds for something beautiful and organic to grow. This summer, we have introduced an electronic stage that echoes the nostalgic beginnings of the electronic music scene. In the 80s and 90s, smiling faces, happy souls, and vibrant music united us, breaking down barriers and fostering love and unity. We are excited to announce that we will honour that electronic era by dedicating an area at Forest Fest to the Ibiza spirit.

Gee Moore

At the turn of the millennium, when the dance music scene exploded on the island of Ibiza, Gee Moore was at its epicentre. Alongside a group of international friends, he established a musical paradise named Bora Bora on Playa Den Bossa beach. From 1997 to 2005, it became a mecca for dance music, drawing a crowd of like-minded free spirits who danced with abandon on tables and in the sand. DJ Gee’s influence on music culture laid the foundations for today’s multi-billion-dollar industry. Bora Bora was a magnet for the world’s top DJs and music promoters, serving as an after-hours venue for the nearby Space Nightclub. Gee holds the distinction of being the only Ibiza DJ to be a resident at every club on the island in a single season. He took his Bora Bora Music brand worldwide, while tracks and films paid tribute to Bora Bora’s iconic status as a true Ibiza legend.

Gee frequently visited Ireland, headlining events at The Pod and The Temple Theatre in Dublin. Gee has also released and produced tracks under his Bora Bora Music label and has created four labels ranging from deep house to techno to experimental and live. His highly anticipated return to Ireland after a 20-year sojourn in Brazil promises to be an emotional moment as he looks to revive the original essence of Bora Bora with a special Vinyl set at Forest Fest this July.


Danny is the curator of this year’s Rewind Ibiza Tent. He is an award-winning blogger on Ibiza music, culture and club politics. He promoted his first dance music event, Rave On, in 1991 introducing dance music to his home town of Newbridge. He first visited Ibiza in 1996 when house and trance music ruled the island and has been returning ever since.

As a DJ Danny has played bars, hotels and beach clubs in Ibiza but is best known for his journalist reviews and interviews with some of the island best know personalities. He has worked for Cafe Mambo, Pacha and Ushuaia spending two years living on the island.

All of the DJs have been hand-selected by Danny to ensure that they reflect the true spirit of 90s Ibiza when it was all about music and freedom of self-expression.

This homage captures the essence of carefree days under the sun, listening to Mediterranean sounds on the beach and dancing all night in iconic clubs. To embody the real spirit of Ibiza, we have invited pioneering DJs who were instrumental in shaping the Balearic Beat on the island, some of whom will perform in Ireland for the first time. The Balearic music scene laid the foundation for the acid house and rave revolution in the UK in 1988, leading to the surge of dance music in the 90s charts. Our Rewind Ibiza tent will reflect the development of the dance music scene over the past four decades.

DJ Lineup announcement is Imminent!!!