Jack Lukeman Kildare native and headliner for Forest fest 2021 has released  a unique new live album: Streamed – The Best of the Lockdown Sessions, Vol. 1. The album is out now from jacklukeman.com, and features the single ‘Somewhere In My Heart’ the wonderful cover of the Aztec Camera classic and many many more.

You can listen here to Miriam O’Callaghan interview Jack on RTE’s radio one about how the album came about.

“This album and the live streams shows went some way to keeping me busy and sane throughout the initial lockdown period,” Jack Lukeman says. “Learning hundreds of songs and having to have a new set and show at the end of every week to perform in front of a couple of thousand people live was quite the task to kill the time.Thankfully thousands tuned in from all over the planet. Essentially it’s fabulous that an album was forged out of the madness that is 2020 and I was delighted to include my father singing on it as he has such a natural and passionate voice and inspired my love for music. Making his recording debut at 81 is priceless.”