Paranoid Visions

Green Shine - Forest Fest 2022

Paranoid Visions

Inexplicably, Paranoid Visions have managed to survive 40 years apart from the music industry (as opposed to being a part of the music industry). Fiercely independent and embracing the DIY ethos of early punk rock, the band has existed through stubbornness and will continue to do so until the desire to express themselves and their music, opinions, lyrics and art has ceased. The 40th anniversary of their first gigs and releases will be celebrated over the next 12 months.

Formed in 1981 initially as Insane Youth (had they kept this name, it would now be deemed ironic!), Paranoid Visions have over the past 40 years played all over Europe, Ireland, UK, USA, Canada & Japan and have released upwards of 45 records.

In 2023 the band will have their 40 Years and Still Not Tame mini album released along with a collector’s edition live album (100 copies, each with a different cover image) and part 4 of their 5-part box set series “Countdown to Pharmageddon”, proving that if anything, the band are speeding up rather than slowing down.

2023 also sees the release and screening of the documentary “Outsider Artists – the Story of Paranoid Visions” … but more about that later!!!