Pearly Whites

Pearly Whites

The Pearly Whites are Ireland’s most professional, experienced and entertaining pop/swing showband. The band has carefully tailored a unique show, different to that of any other band on the Irish wedding scene.

The Pearly Whites:

✓ ​a thumping rhythm section

✓ four explosive brass players

✓ smooth but powerful male and female vocals

✓ delivering a high energy performance

✓ adding that extra touch of class to your wedding day

“The Pearly Whites have built a wedding repertoire that incorporates a wide variety of music catering for audiences of all ages. ​Their meticulously designed setlist, combined with their infectious performances, means that they can guarantee to have both you and your guests on the dance floor, smiling all night long.

When booking The Pearly Whites, you are booking a professional, energetic and thrilling wedding experience like no other, so be sure to contact us now to avoid losing your date.