The Valves

The Valves

The Valves consist of Terry Byrne on guitar and vocals, Aiden O’Reilly on bass and vocals and Dick Duff on drums and vocals.

The Valves play a very mixed bag of covers with a quirky, energetic feel.

From classic surf guitar to recent Indie rock, spanning decades of influences, they cover artists as diverse as The Kinks, The Beatles, Del Shannon, The Venturers, The Pixies, Nirvana, The Breeders and Arcade Fire to name but a few.

The Valves are made up of three long time friends that share a love of alternative rock and indie music.

The Valves are a light hearted side-project the group have talked about for a long time.

Their approach is to keep true to the energy of the music, paying fond tribute to the songs that inspired them become musicians.

They take a simplistic approach to the way they play so that the essence of the songs come across with raw energy.