How to Upgrade or Transfer Your Ticket

To carry out this task it is best you do it on a laptop or desktop as there is an issue with Apple phones. 

If you would like to make a ticket transfer or upgrade your ticket this is possible by logging into your Eventbrite account which will have been created for you automatically when you purchased your ticket. In order to make our day tickets flexible they can be transfered to alternate days or upgraded to a weekend offering if desired. Weekend tickets can also be upgraded to a camping option as well. Top tier tickets for campervan, caravan and glamping are non transferable.

  1. Log in and click to expand the account menu (top-right of the page). Then select “Tickets”.
  2. The select your order
  3. Click  “Transfer” ,  next to your ticket, click to see the transfer options. You can only transfer one ticket at a time. Change Ticket: Transfer to a different ticket in the same event. Day tickets are a straioght swap where as an  upgrade to  a weekend ticket  will require a payment of the difference.
  4. Review the transfer summary and then choose “Continue Transfer”. The transfer summary should reflect your new event or ticket.
  5. Enter your registration information.
  6. You may have to enter billing information for the price difference and/or fees
  7. Click, “Place Order”. You’ll receive a new order number, email confirmation, and ticket (for events with .PDF tickets).