Spring is in the air and with Valentines just around the corner, love is the air.

Over at Forest Fest HQ we’re lovin’ it and feeling all loved up with the fab reviews that keep rolling in… and do keep them coming…

The great thing about the fantastic feedback on Forest Fest is that while everyone is raving about the music and the line-up, there’s so much more…

We’re thrilled with the 5-star reviews and the constructive commentary and feedback about what you like about Forest Fest… and what you would like to see at our boutique festival in Emo village into the future.

The music of course is centre stage, but there’s so much more…

Many of you spoke about the fun atmosphere, the friendly staff, the fair prices for pints and food, as well as the quality and choices in our food court. Others touched on the family friendly vibe, the children’s entertainment and how cosy, compact and convenient everything is at Forest Fest, with no having to trek for miles from the car park or the campsites.

Speaking of campsites, we are chuffed that those camping at Forest Fest over the weekend found that to be part of the fun experience, totally safe and with a big thumbs up for the facilities, especially the hot showers!!


Forest Fest

The positive energy, the fun experience, the friendly atmosphere, and eclectic entertainment are all the elements that you reviews speak about so often.

We’re delighted to hear that because we listen o our fans and we want to cater for the Forest Fest fanbase. The good news is that so many of you are talking about returning this summer once again to enjoy the revelry in the heart of Emo village and you are having no hesitation in recommending Forest Fest to your friends.

That’s the kind of feedback that won Forest Fest the ‘Best Festival’ accolade at the Midlands Hospitality Awards last year and it’s what has us on track to be ranked as the best Irish music festival taking place in the midlands this summer.

One person who certainly thinks so is Alan Cassidy, who was inspired to wax lyrically and turn to poetry no less to sing the praises of Forest Fest. Alan’s efforts won him two tickets for Forest Fest in our recent Valentine’s Forest Fest Review competition. So well done Alan and we appreciate the effort you and all the other entries went to as you published your feedback and told of your experiences on Google Reviews. 

Meanwhile, you don’t have to take our word that Forest Fest is simply the best music festival in Ireland this summer, here’s a small flavour of what those who experienced and enjoyed Forest Fest have to say…

Camped last year with my 6-year-old on a whim, absolutely loved it. Campsite was friendly and safe. Festival site itself was great, plenty for kids to do, gorgeous food, great acts. We were there on our own and made loads of friends. Loved it all, highly recommend’  

Emma Lane

Forest Fest was a deadly little weekend – such a great set up! There was a great variety on offer all the time from food and booze to artists and craic! It was a real celebration of incredible Irish artists, as well as Irish owned businesses too. It’s my new favourite festival and looking forward to this year already!

Eleanor Mc Wey

Had a fantastic experience last year. Maldron Hotel was great, parking at door, swimming pool for mornings after… Martleys Shuttle Bus service was the making of the whole event, on time, easy to use and drivers in good form, plenty of craic on bus too. The setting with trees as backdrop looked great, day and night time. Enough music areas to create interest, and not too big, so easy to wander around. Drink price and range was decent, liked the policy to buy a quality touch plastic pint beer cup once and then reuse. Food options good as well, and site layout made them easy to access. Booked for this year straight away when tickets went on sale, which tells a tale itself…’

Conor McCooey

And for the piece de resistance, this prize-winning entry from Alan Cassidy who was moved to write an Ode to Forest Fest after the experience he had in Emo last summer…

At Emo we landed our beds on our backs 

Greeted with smiles and staff up for a laugh

Having sorted our dwellings and beers on the chill 

We strolled to the stages Jack L was a thrill 

The funfair was lit like a daredevil’s dream 

But we stuck to the bar tents, more calm and serene 

Saturday, we woke to a lovely warm sun 

Not even sore heads dampened the feeling of fun 

Pristine showers later we were ready to rock 

A few in the Gatehouse for hair of the dog 

Mundy and Thumper, Riptide, and Stunning 

From Stage to stage on time they were up and running 

Voices all hoarse from singing so loud 

The food stands were hit with choices abound 

Sunday was slower us feeling our age 

The showers still sparkling woke us up for the day 

Pearly Whites had us dancing in spite of the rain 

Damien Dempsey had us crying his heart on display

To see Stockton’s wing was truly a treat 

King Kong and The Waterboys energising our feet 

With the moon shining down on the flaming red hill 

Will we go again this year? We certainly will! 

All our friends there that weekend have worked festivals before 

Forest Fest was a blast, You will have many more…

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